Facebook Features for Small Businesses

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Facebook’s evolution has seen breakneck speed since it was first conceptualised. The most popular social media platform has become a giant in the world of commerce. Now, it’s almost impossible to find a business without a Facebook page. It’s as if having one is a testament of your credibility as an entrepreneur.

But just having a Facebook page is not enough.

Today, consumers are all about user experience. If your page doesn’t serve a purpose, there’s no reason for them to linger. Thankfully, Facebook’s recent updates are all geared towards a user-first approach. This is beneficial for businesses who want to engage with the online market. Look at it this way- it’s like turning your page into a basic website. Users can now do a lot on the platform; from buying products to booking appointments.

Interested to know more? We’ve got you covered. Here are seven Facebook features you can explore as a small business:

  • Marketplace

    Marketplace is Facebook’s very own listing space for buyers and sellers. At its core, it’s a community where interactions are easy. From inquiries to final sale, everything can happen real-time through Messenger.  It is completely free and caters to 3 main business types: automotive, real estate, and retail.
  • Appointments

    “Turn your Page visitors into customers.” This is how Facebook described this feature when it was first rolled out. By clicking the “Book Now” button, prospects can set an appointment with you. As the page owner, you can view and manage appointments from your page. It can also send follow-ups through Messenger of text messages.
  • Call-to-Action

    If you have another goal in mind, Facebook also allows you to set a specific CTA on your page. Right below your cover photo is a CTA button. Just click it and you’ll see the usual objectives of a business. Whether you want them to learn more, make a reservation, or buy from your shop, they can do so with a simple click of this button.
  • Facebook Shop

    Facebook Shop is the most recent update from the platform. It’s a “mobile-first shopping experience.” With this, businesses can set up online stores through Facebook or Instagram for free. A much more robust version of Marketplace, it’s jam packed with features akin to having a website:
    • Connect with customers through Messenger, Instagram Direct, or WhatsApp
    • Partner with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Channel Advisor, CedCommerce, Cafe24, Tienda Nube, and Feedonomic
    • Full-screen photos and easy-to-use creative tools
    • Customisable collections and features products
  • Offers

    If your business often does discounts and deals, then this is the Facebook feature for you. Offers allow you to create coupons that your users can claim on their next purchase. It appears on your Facebook page’s wall as an organic post as well. With Offers, you can also create a sense of urgency as it sends reminders when a deal is about to expire
  • Services

    While only available for pages tagged as “local business” or “place”, this feature is helpful. It’s perfect if you want your services displayed directly on your page. It has its own tab which users can easily click to know what you do as a business. You have the option to include price, description, and photo as well.
  • Messenger Account Switch

    Always on-the-go? Then you’ll enjoy this feature. You can now switch Messenger accounts from your personal to your business page. This makes it easier for you to answer inquiries real-time even when on mobile!

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