5 Ways to Promote a Business Without a Website

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In this digital-first world we live in, a business without a website is often deemed as practically invisible. While that may be true in some sense, start-ups don’t always have a budget big enough to get a website done. 

Luckily, the age of the internet is no longer limited to a website. Nowadays, entrepreneurs have a wealth of opportunities when it comes to marketing their business online. Here are simple ways you can boost brand awareness even with the absence of a kickass website: 

1. Be Active on Social Media

Hold your horses. Us saying you should start being active on social media doesn’t mean get on every single one. Like everything else in business, you first need to identify your purpose THEN pick the right platform that will serve that intent.

Of course, you can never go wrong with Facebook. Given that it’s the most used social media platform in the world, you can be sure that you’re bringing your business right where your market is. Add that to the fact that Facebook now comes jam-packed with powerful features, there’s so much here that you can do. From running ads and booking appointments to opening an online shop and directly engaging with your audience, connecting with your market is quick and easy on Facebook.

2. Set up a Google My Business Account

Last year alone, there was a 150% increase for “near me or near me now” searches. These are called micro-moments, or those specific instances when probability of conversion is highest as search intent is clearly stated. Search strings like this often results in the audience clicking results that appear on Google’s Local 3-pack. You know that part showing a business’s map location, address, and other contact details? You need to get there now.

Creating a Google My Business account is simple- you just need to fill out all the required details, upload relevant photos, and if you can, have existing or previous clients leave reviews, so you have a better chance of ranking.

3. Build an Email List

One of the oldest, most effective ways to reach and consistently reconnect with your market is through email marketing. Even before the onset of social media and websites, email has made ways in the online marketing world. Of course, it has made significant strides since it was first introduced, so businesses are now faced with even better email capabilities. But if you’re starting out, you can begin by getting basic information from your walk-in clients- make it quick and simple. Asking too many questions means more friction and less probability of them actually answering. Just get their full name and email address which you can do the traditional way via physical paper, or digitally through a simple Excel sheet or a more advanced Google Form they can access on a business computer or tablet.

Once you have enough email addresses, you can easily send relevant content and exclusive deals and promos to increase conversion.

4. Create a Referral or Loyalty Program

Another easy way to get more clients is to create a referral program. Tap into your existing customer base and offer a special deal or discount if they refer somebody else who will successfully make a purchase. This way, you are hitting two birds with one stone as you are able to retain clients while also earning yourself new ones.

You could also come up with a Loyalty Program designed to entice existing or previous customers to keep coming back. Offer them a discount or a particular product or service free of charge when they reach a certain amount or frequency of purchase.

5. Run social media ads

Since you have yet to publish your own website, you can shell out a few bucks on a weekly basis to run brand awareness campaigns on platforms like Facebook. This is especially helpful for those who literally just created their Facebook page and are looking for ways to get more views and visits. In fact, you can even create lead generation campaigns on Facebook even without a website by encouraging clients to send a direct message.

You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to manage Facebook ad campaigns, since the platform designed it to be easily understandable and navigable even for beginners. Besides, there are a lot of resources you can check online that can provide you with best practices.

With these five ways, we hope you never find yourself feeling limited just because you don’t have a business website yet. However, we do still highly suggest that you save up and include that in your future plans for better and stronger online presence.

Oh, and if you need help, we don’t just offer web design with content and SEO services, but we can also help you kick things off with a free one-hour marketing session.

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